International Conference on Electroactive Polymers (ICEP 2004) at Dalhousie, India (2)

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会議の開会式。シーク派教徒の印であるターバンを巻いた、Sekhon 教授の開会の挨拶。と、思ったら、違いました。バンケットの出し物の最初の挨拶でした・・・
The opening ceremony of ICEP2004 by Prof. S.S. Sekhon at the lecture hall. But, this is actually the opening of banquet ceremony・・・

私のDNAのlecture。映っているのは、J. Watson と F. Crick の写真。この次に、1953年にNatureにでた、たった1ページの記念される論文が写される予定。優れた内容の論文は短い、の法則。
The lecture of DNA with the photograph of J. Watson and F. Crick. The next viewgraph is the memorial paper by them appeared in Nature, 1953. The length of it is only one page; the excellent reports frequently happen to be short.

ポスターセッションの詳細は直前まで知らされていませんでした。直前のアナウンスで分かったのですが、The location of the poster session is "outside"!! 寒くて震えて、講義を聴いた後だったので、衝撃的でした・・・ 外??ホントに外??私は日向で眺め、田中君は日陰で奮闘。でも、客は沢山来てくれました、感謝。
The poster session has been held outside of the lecure hall, it has been really cold・・・ Mr Tanaka (He is not Mr Tanaka of the Nobel prize laureate・・・) has actively worked with his poster against a lot of guests.

It was my surprise to accept a lot of questions on DNA in this conference, since they are mainly interested in the dielectrics of the electroactive polymers.

田中君のポスターの記録。会議のスタッフが貼るのを手伝ってくれたのですが、とにかく、端から順番に貼っていくので・・・ 結局張り直したりして。
The poster materials of Mr Tanaka.

Cultural demonstration by beautiful ladies in the banquet. Dancing was really colorful and powerful.

ヒマラヤ連峰の峰みね。Hotel Mount Viewよりも、Hotel Grand Viewの庭からの眺めの方が良かった・・・
View of the chain of Himalaya mountains. Better view from Hotel Grand View than Hotel Mount View・・・

The chain of Himalaya mountains with a wide angle view.

A wide pasture for horses visited in excursion of the conference. People sell a lot of eggs in portable stalls.

In the slope in the park. At the top of the slope the Himalaya mountains are in your view.

Small wild flowers.

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