International Conference on Electroactive Polymers (ICEP 2004) at Dalhousie, India (1)

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朝、7時20分、アムリットサル(デリーの西北、パキスタンとの国境まで数十kmの町。Golden Templeで知られる)に向けて、デリー駅出発直後。朝の、なかなか晴れない霧を透かして太陽が覗く。
Morning Sun light through the fog viewed from the train from Delhi to Amritsar.

Meals are served in the long-distant trains in India. We had a breakfast and a lunch with hot water in the vacuum bottle for tea bags or coffee powder, along with a bottle of mineral water.

Sunset on the road from Jalandhar (one stop before Amritsar) to Dalhousie.

Chai break on the road of bus tour to Dalhousie for 7 to 8 hours via the rough road under construction. Drivers prefer keeping driver side window open, probably due to give signs for the other cars, shout to the interrupters of his road, or make easy to hear horns by the other cars??

What am I doing? Please note the caw eating something from the big bottle. Holy cows relax in anywhere.

ICEP2004の会場になる、標高千数百mにあるダルハウジーの、Hotel Mount Viewの入り口と、会議の横断幕。とても寒かった。
The Hotel Mount View at Dalhousie where ICEP2004 was held. Altitude is thousand and several hundred meter. It was really chilly or better to say, cold.

The town square of Dalhousie with a lot of buses, trucks, people, dogs, and monkeys.

The building for the lecture hall of ICEP2004 with a iron roof. Frequently, monkeys disturbed lectures by running on the roof with big sounds.

The square in the Hotel, good to watch the chain of Himalaya mountains.

The chain of Himalaya mountains viewed from the square of the hotel.
朝起きると、田中君が部屋の前の廊下にサル親子を発見!私も見にでたが、Bed teaを届けるホテルの従業員が通った後で、離れた場所に移っていた。暗くて映らないのでフラッシュをたくと、瞬時に飛び退き、歯を向いて威嚇された。
The monkey family in front of the room door. When I took a picture with flash light, they promptly jumped and threaten us.

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