eDNA at Regensburg, Germany, (2006/4)

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Regensburg in Bayern close to the Czech Republic, NNE from Munich.

Google Earthで見たレーゲンスバーグを通過するドナウ川。右下に教会のドームが見える。川に掛かる古い橋(教会と同時期に造られたらしい)の橋脚の基礎の形に注目して欲しい。かなり激しい川の流れに耐えるための工夫が見られる。水圧の影響を避けるために舟形になっている。
The Donau River through Regensburg after Google Earth. The oldest and biggest church, the Dome in Regensburg is found at the righthand below. Look at the shape of piers of the bridge across the Donau River. They look like a ship which is suitable to avoid water pressure.

The oldest and largest church in Regensburg, the Dome. The front entrance is under the maintenance work.

A cue led by a priest, going to church service in the Sunday morning.

A sculpture on the bridge across the Donau river. He is looking at the Dome to check the progress of it. Schoolchildren looking at the statue and hearing their teacher.

The sunset from the bridge, a view for the upstream.

Waving wall surfaces of the buildings along the Donau river. Individuality of the people living at a rare earthquake countries?

A typical pretty flower shop in Germany.

I was always impressed with a colorful greengrocer's in Europe!

The memorial house for the theoretical physisist of astronomy, Johannes Kepler. He achieved the Kepler's law on the planetary motion observed by Tycho Brahe, which is essential for the big Isaac Newton to achieve the law of motion and the law of gravitation.

The model for the planetary orbitals proposed by Kepler, with inscribed polygones.

A bower for the statue of Johannes Kepler, in a park of Regensburg. Following the biography distributed at the memorial house, he was buried in the Protestant cemetery Weih St. Peter (now a park near the train station) on 17 Nov, 1636.

The actual statue of Johannes Kepler is ・・・

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