ISCOM2005 at Key West, Florida (2005/9/11-16)

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On the bridge connecting the MIami peninsula and Key West. Telegraph poles in the sea.

レンタカーから前方を望む。フロントガラスに張り付いている携帯電話様のものがアメリカ製ナビ。新しい目的地を設定するにはナビセンターに電話をして設定してもらう。そうするとリストに追加される。しかし、しかし、・・・この日は日曜日だったが、何回かけても誰も出てくれませんでした (涙)。1日分、千円払ったのに。上手く設定できれば液晶画面に右、左の矢印が地名と共に現れる・・・。アメリカの人は、自分で住所を打ち込んで目的地を設定するなんて面倒なことは好まないのか?人にやらせる方がずっと便利と考えているのかも。
In a rent-a-car running on the bridge. Note something like a mobile phone on the front glass. It is the American Navigation system!! No map is indicated on the LCD panel!! You have to call Navigation center to register your new destination. We failed to connect to the center, it was Sunday・・・. Please return back the Navigation fee!! If it works, he talks and indicates some arrow directed right or left and place.

A passenger liner stayed in the sunset beach in Key West.

Observation tower for the fishing boats ・・・, I guess.

The old house of the famous writer, Ernest Miller Hemingway at Key West, surrounded with the thick woods. A side view from the left.

The opposite side of the house, right hand side back, viewed from the beranda of the second floor. You can see a part of the pool in the backyard.

The study at the back side of the house. The first floor is used as a souvenir shop with many cats lying sprawled. The cats, they have their own name, but I don't know.

A living room in the main building. A lot of pictures are decorated on the wall, depicted a scene of "The old man and the sea".

Could you imagine what this is in the kitchen?

The beranda in the second floor with a view of the light tower.

The cat lying sprawled. Some cats have the sixth finger in their paws. I tried to confirm it, but failed because it is inhibited to touch them.

The cats appartment with electric fans.

The study in the second floor of the second building that had been a garage.

The pool in the backyard. It was so hot I hope to dive into the pool. There is a one penny coin in the pool side, with an famous anecdote that E. Hemingway laid it there to demonstrate to his second wife that it is the last penny they have after the payment for the pool.

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